Chairman Message

Education is a basic human right and is essential for the exercise of all other rights. It is also required for the development of a nation. As a developing nation, we have to generate new talents to compete with the developed nations. Though India was acclaimed as a land of knowledge and wisdom during ancient times, yet access to higher education is limited to select strata of the society. Nallamani group of educational institutions strive hard to bridge this gap by providing opportunities to rural youth and motivating them. Education to be inclusive should address to the diverse needs and circumstances of learners and to give appropriate importance to develop the abilities and skills. Our institutions function in these directions by giving importance to teaching learning processes so that the future architects of our country acquire employability skills. We provide quality and holistic education using innovative teaching and learning techniques. I conclude my wish by urging you to develop an urge for excellence and persist in it. Obtaining a university degree should not be the end of your quest for knowledge. Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends. So strive continuously for your betterment and that of your society.

Wishes for the brightest future!